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All feedback given is honest and genuine. Reviews are either submitted through this website or Hardy Publications Facebook page. To submit your testimonial, visit my Facebook page, or fill out the form on my home page.




"So I just finished reading Fernando, and I must say Ms. Hardy has outdone herself. Despite the trials that Amari had to face in her life, she’s surrounded by two accepting, and loving parents, and a Grandmother who had her own experience which reminds me how important it is to live in your truth. An opportunity that so many men and women in the LBGTQ community aren’t blessed to have. To all the hopeless romantics out there, this is the book for you! It’s a glimpse into what it looks and feels like to be loved and accepted exactly how you are, and that life is so fragile and fleeting. We really are living on borrowed time. So live as if you will die tomorrow, and love is Gods orgasm. You should also check out My Colorblind Rainbow which is also by Ms. Hardy as well."  -Raven S.



"CHP is awesome! My book needed editing publicity and a whole new look. Chanel helped turn my dull boring first book into a realistic cover that went with my concept. I definitely recommend for first time authors or just an author who are looking for a second set of eyes!" -Celinda Cunningham


"My Instincts NEVER Lead Me Astray and When I First Began Searching For A Publicist; I Had A Specific Image In Mind....Savvy, Confident, Intelligent, Great Writer & A Woman Who Honors My Brand Like It's Her OWN! And, Then I Saw Her AGAIN! Chanel Hardy of Hardy Publications has Breathed Life Into The Publicity Aspect Of My Upcoming Macy's Launch! Within 18 hours of contracting her; she had booked me on 2 Podcasts & Drafted our First Press Release! If You're looking for competent, intelligent & honest Publicity Representation, Your BEST BET is to hire, Chanel Hardy of Hardy Publications!" - Dr. Monica Bickerstaff Riley

"If you are looking for professional and honesty then you should work with Hardy Publications!! My experience has been amazing. The excitement and step by step process is great. Tell a friend and have them tell a friend." -Lawawn Dunbar

“I’ve purchased both books, My Colorblind Rainbow and Was it her? and I find both to be entertaining, insightful and intriguing. I’ve enjoyed the character developments of the majority of characters in both novels. Both are a fast read and great convo starters. If you haven’t so already, purchase a copy or borrow it from a friend. :) ” -Cassie R.

“I was satisfied with my author feature! Thank You!" -Diane P.


“This has been the best experience. Chanel is very patient, passionate and humble. She follows through with making her clients feel happy about the end result. She is a woman of her word. She is fast and very detailed when looking over her clients work. She is truly the angel I prayed for when looking for a publication service. ”  -Shadaria O.

“Chanel has the ability to connect, and I feel like her readers can relate. Her topics are about things we need to discuss and her writing is on point. She's unafraid to be different and tell a story boldly.” -Roxanne R.

"Loved the interview questions and the swift communication! Great service, thank you! Absolutley ingenious to spotlight other authors! A cross-pollination thing!" -Sky S.

"Chanel Hardy is a professional writer who brings her expertise and passion to all she does. She is committed to helping writers achieve their goals and is a pleasure to work with." -Sandra R.

"Hardy Publications has delivered reliable, exceptional services, which have exceeded my expectations. I am SO glad I found this company and anticipate that the quality of my work will increase because of it!" -Letitia W.

"This is what it looks like to take control of your own progression. Hardy Publications is not only doing this for the self-published titles of Chanel Hardy and her own works, but she is providing a platform for other independent author voices to be heard!" -Sabrina C.

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