The Colored Line by Tiffany Richardson

June 27, 2019


Rating: 4.5/5

I went into this book with no expectations at all. Most who know me, know that I am a sucker for romance, especially interracial romance. This book tells the story of Norah, a young woman holding on to the tragic event of losing her father at the age of eight. She grows up to become a police officer and falls in love with her partner, Spencer.

This is actually a debut by the author Tiffany, and my initial rating for this book was a 4. I found the first half of the story lacking in some parts. There was a lot of telling and very little showing, but I was so intrigued by this relationship forming between the two leads that I was determined to finish this book! I also feel that this would've been a great story to tell in first person from the POV of Norah, swapping to the POV of Spencer when necessary. It would've given the characters much more emotion and their love would've really shined through the pages even more. But all that aside this book made me cry, and the love story between Norah and Spencer is one that I will remember forever. But I won't reveal too much! *Tear*

I hope that someone dealing with what Norah went through will find this book and use her story as a tool to overcome grief. There were multiple lessons I got from this book, and it avoided being cliche while still being relevant and touching on issues that are relatable for many in our current political and social climate. Especially being an Interracial story, which can sometimes come off cliche, corny and preachy. Well have the tissues handy if you plan on reading this book! I hope you do, because the payoff is worth it.


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