Book Review: The Russian Girl by Bette Golden Lamb

May 31, 2019


Rating 5/5


This book tells the story of Minna, a young girl forced to flee to America after she commits a murder in the middle of a Jewish genocide. The one thing that really stood out to me about this book, is the way it was told between time jumps. The story opens as an old woman (Old Minna) escapes a nursing home. Then we are introduced to her as a young girl, who witnesses the Cossacks murdering her friends and neighbors. I enjoyed seeing this story progress as Minna navigated her way through the New Mexico heat while replaying flashbacks of her traumatic life in her head.  There were so many instances where I felt like Minna was relatable, and I found myself empathizing with her every time something unfortunate happened.  The imagery in this story was very well done. The writing for each scene made the ‘showing’ believable, even when Minna heard the voices on the radio. I also loved Hershie’s character. Minna’s relationship with her uncle reminded me so much of my own.  Attempting to tell a story in a way this author has done, can often be either a hit or miss. But this story didn’t miss the mark at all. The fact that this book was also based on true events, makes it even better. I'd recommend it on that basis alone. The Rissian Girl is a pleasent read that takes you on a very believable journey through the life of Minna. 


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