Book Review: Bittersweet Euphoria by Jasmine Herod

April 25, 2019


Rating 5/5


This book touches on so many important topics within such a short amount of reading time. From how to spot the different types of fuckboys (that was entertaining to read and so spot on! LOL), to interracial dating, feminism and lesbian dating. As the title says, this book in particular talks about the dating life of women of color, and how things are different for us. From the hurdles we face, to how past trauma effects our future relationships.


The author featured testimony's from Women of color and some men, which was very interesting to read. I found myself relating to some of these women's opinions and experiences. One thing that really stood out to me, is that Jasmine didn't make this book a one-sided preach fest in favor of anyone really. She spoke on preferences, and the importance of exploring options while still staying true to your preferences if that's what works for you. She also highlighted accountability, asking the important questions that make women wonder if we also play a part in the hardships that plague our dating struggles. Her research seemed well put together, and you can tell that she didn't just pull any of this out of her ass. It was impressive and not too long-winded or oversaturated with facts.


This book is important because Women of color do in fact have different experiences and things to overcome that white (or white passing) women do not. Speaking of white -passing, I was hoping she would touch on colorism, the differences for light skinned Latino and South Eastern Asian women who pass for White. I would've also preferred politically correct terms when describing these different ethnicities ('Arabic' refers to the language, 'Arab' is the correct term when describing the people.) South Eastern Asian would've been better, reaching further across the board for other Middle Eastern women of color who aren't Arab but still count. Regardless, this book got the message across, and I recommend it to all women, single or not. There is something we can all learn from Jasmine's work.


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