Book Review: Girl: Repurposed by Meagan Curley

April 17, 2019


Rating 5/5

This book is an edgy, modern take on Greek mythology and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Unlike my typical reads, I actually got this in audiobook format, which was different for me, but I'm glad I did! The author was great, and did an amazing job at bringing the characters to life. Especially the main character Tranquila! You would've thought that the narrator was Tranquila herself lol!

Now I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to Greek mythology, so I can't go too deep into comparisons, but as someone who isn't too familiar with these Gods and Goddesses outside of knowing their names, I still feel that this story did a great job of giving me insight into what they were all about. If you're someone like me, then Girl: Repurposed is a good read for you.

Now on to the story, this book tells the story of Tranquila, a troubled girl who gets a job in the underworld, looking after a 3-headed dog. She develops a relationship with Hades, who becomes somewhat of a father figure/mentor for her. My favorite thing about this story is the humor! Meagan had me laughing through most of this book, and her NY girl attitude shines brightly through her work! I also loved her imagining of what being in Hell is like. All the different ways the dead are tortured, and how the employees deal with their eternal jobs of working for Hades. It was like 'The Office' meets 'Little Nicky'.

The ending was satisfying, and was the perfect wrap up for Tranquila. A young girl, repurposed.


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