Book Review: When He's Bad For You: That Philly Type of Love by Aseera

March 13, 2019


Rating 5/5


‘When’s He’s Bad for You’ tells an urban story of what happens when a young woman puts love and trust in the wrong hands. LaKendra has everything going well for her, a good job, she’s educated and has plans of opening up her own medical practice with her best friend Tee. With a bad history of dating the wrong men, she’s vowed to leave the drug dealers and street thugs alone. Until she meets Anthony. The romantic bad boy who runs the streets of Philly and captures Kendra’s heart with no effort at all. There is also another man in her life, Shawn. The doctor she’s been sleeping with who is also engaged! This story had be hooked from beginning to end! Told from the different perspectives of just about all the main characters, I found the story even more intriguing to follow.


There is also a bit of ‘six degrees of so-and-so’ going on, as most of these characters are connected in ways that will have your jaw dropping! Aseera is a born and raised Philly girl, and you could really feel the authenticity in her writing. The urban hood dialogue matched each character perfectly, and I felt like I was watching an episode of a popular TV drama with each chapter. It’s hard writing spoiler free reviews for books I really enjoyed, but I most definitely don’t want to spoil any of the spicy drama for you guys!


I will say, that my favorite character was LaKendra. She reminds me a lot of my younger single self. A hood chick who wants nothing but a bright future and a good man. No bad boys and no foolishness. Well, all I will say, is that LaKendra has some very important decisions to make in the next book! I for one, cant wait to read it!


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