Book Review: Love and Void by Olga Toprover

March 6, 2019


Rating: 3/5


Love and Void tells the story of Dasha, a woman stuck at the age of 25 due to a curse that plagues her family. This story takes place in Russia, and explores love and pain as Dasha and Anna deal with the mental and emotional struggles of being 25 for all of eternity.


While this book was just okay for me, I credit the author for her great writing and fascinating storytelling. Her word usage really helped with imagery, and I would recommend for those who enjoy a fresh and original read with just the right amount of fantasy elements. The age curse is a bit familiar I must admit, but the author put her own creative take on it, with three dimensional characters and well thought out storyline. Wasn't necessarily my cup of tea, but give this book a chance if it appeals to you! :)


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