Book Review: The Longest Knight

March 3, 2019


Rating 4/5


This is an erotic story that tells the tale of Dagger and Princess Milena. As a war is on the rise, Dagger, a werewolf is tasked with transporting the Princess to her grandparents’ home safely. Dagger has been in love with Milena since they were children, and little does he know, she has been in love with him too. 


The first thing I liked about this story was the illustrations. The pictures really gave me good visuals with the characters. Speaking of the characters, thumbs up to the author for the Black representation! I really enjoyed the medieval setting, which I don’t see too much of in the literary world with Black characters. While I liked the illustrations, it did make for a rather frustrating reading experience. The pages were more like a pdf document than the standard kindle reading pages. I found myself having to scroll in and out a lot. I think this book would be a great read on a tablet device, otherwise maybe consider picking up the paperback instead.


Now to the sex. At first, I felt that the fantasizing got a bit old and repetitive quickly, but considering the buildup needed for the two main characters, I guess it was necessary. I couldn’t wait until Dagger and Milena finally had sex, and I must say it was very satisfying. The writing in general could’ve used a bit more improvement, but the sex did what it was supposed to do. If you enjoy erotica, fantasy, and Black representation, I recommend checking out this book!


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