An Exclusive Interview with United States of America's Mrs. Nevada, Katie Ladomerszky!

February 26, 2019

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Ladomerszky at the 2019 Inaugural Beauty Ball here in Las Vegas. She was not only a guest speaker but also a vendor, representing ONEHOPE, a Napa-based winery that creates awarding winning wines, and raises awareness and funding for charitable organizations and social causes. This reminded me of my own platform, and I admired how Katie uses her image to give back and support noble causes. I got in touch with Katie after the event, and got to learn a little more about her! Check out our interview!



Chanel: What do you miss the most about your hometown of Meraux, Louisiana?


Katie: If you have ever been to New Orleans, you know that it is a city that lives within you.  From the food to the music to the culture, it is a city that speaks from the heart and never leaves your soul.  I grew up right outside the city and miss the food, people and atmosphere of New Orleans.  But what I miss most is my family, and having the ability to visit whenever we wanted to.  I miss how easy it was to get around the parish and how easy it was to get to New Orleans. Vegas is a wonderful home to me now and has given me amazing opportunities, but I miss the closeness of my family and friends.  


Chanel: As a reader and a writer I would love to know, what’s your favorite book?


Katie: I absolutely love to read! As a child, I had my own library and my own Dewey Decimal system. Reading is one of my go to hobbies to relax and escape for a bit.  It is super hard for me to pick a favorite, but some of my top are A Time to Kill, Confederacy of Dunces and The Universe Has Your Back.  My favorite authors are John Grisham, James Patterson and Harlan Corban and I am currently reading Killer Chef and The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. And I think my next book is going to be Boutique Business.  *Can you tell I love to read? :) *


Chanel: How did you get your start in the glamorous world of pageantry?


Katie: I kind of stumbled on pageantry. As I child, it was not on my list. I competed a few times, but it was not for me. When I was 20, I was approached by someone I knew and was asked to compete in the Mrs. New Orleans pageant. I competed and realized what all of the fuss was about. I fell in love with the sisterhood and friendship that comes with pageantry, and the opportunities it could bring. 


Chanel: In what ways has your experience in pageants improved your career outside of being a beauty queen?


Katie: Pageantry has helped me become a more confident woman.  It has helped me hone in on my speaking skills, which are essential in my career in marketing and sales.  It has also helped me develop a thicker skin - not winning a pageant when you worked so hard can be upsetting, but hearing "no" is a natural part of life and the sooner you understand and can move on, the more successful you will be. 


Chanel: During the Winter Beauty Ball event, you introduced me and others to ‘One Hope’. Tell us more about it!


Katie: ONEHOPE is an incredible brand that makes a community impact but donating a portion of all sales to various community partners. ONEHOPE is a Napa-based winery that creates awarding winning wines and gifts and partners with wine makers such as Robert Mondavi, Jr. For example, our Cabernet benefits ABA therapy for children with autism and our Pinot Noir helps pets find forever homes. And there are opportunities to give back to personal causes through our Grapeful Club and hosting parties. 


Chanel: You’ve been involved in quite a few non-profit organizations, which ones have left the most emotional impact on you?


Katie: My mom has suffered with arthritis since she was in her 20s, and my husband was recently diagnosed, so the Arthritis Foundation has had a huge impact for me.  A few years ago, I was able to go to Washington D.C. for the Advocacy Summit and that was an incredible experience to share my mom's story and help advocate on behalf of those with this depilating disease.  My other favorite is The Just One Project.  This is a Las Vegas based organization that demonstrates that one person can make a difference. We are the #1 mobile food pantry in Las /Vegas with our Pop Up and Give monthly grocery giveaways. We are continuing to grow and develop and help ensure families in the Las Vegas valley don't go without food and recently opened the Pantry, to help combat senior hunger.  We also have other projects, such as the Smile Project, where we visit the pediatric wards with characters the kids love. 


Chanel: What organizations are you looking forward to working with in the future?


Katie: I am looking forward to getting more involved with Arthritis Advocacy and seeing the Just One Project grow.  


Chanel: Part of my goal here at Hardy Publications, is to raise awareness for non-profit organizations and contribute to their causes. For the month of February, I’m donating a portion of my book royalties to any non-profit or charity of your choice. Pick one!


Katie: It is always hard to choose one, but I would love to support The Just One Project.  We are a start-up and locally funded organization and can use all of the support. 


Chanel: Last but not least, what advice would you give young girls and women who struggle with self-esteem, and lack the confidence to fully pursue their dreams?


Katie: Try to look deep within yourself and determine who you want to be or what you want to do.  Every day, say your goals out load, in front of the mirror, and keep a journey of your goals.  Don't be afraid to try something new.  The only true failure in life is not trying at all.  You will not always succeed, but by trying, you will be successful. 


 Thanks again to Katie for taking the time to do this interview with me! As mentioned above, I will be donating a portion of February's book royalties to ONEHOPE! Visit their website to lean more about how you can help support their cause! Also follow the lovely Katie on Instagram @usoamrsnevada 




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