2019 Inaugural Winter Beauty Ball Recap!

January 14, 2019


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of vending at the 2019 Inaugural Winter Beauty Ball, hosted by Brandi Lewis, CEO of Aina Earth Soy Candles at the Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino. You might remember Brandi from last summer’s non-profit pick. I featured her platform Konnect With Resources on my blog last June, and donated that months book royalties to help her business flourish. (You can read it by clicking here)



This past weekend she gathered entrepreneurs from all over the Las Vegas Valley to speak, showcase their talents and network with one another, making money and creating personal and business relationships that will last a lifetime. The Q&A panel consisted of six entrepreneurs (Beya, Ashlynd, Reyna, Lewie, Katie and Dr. Monica) who shared their journey’s as business women and men, giving us their definitions of what it means to be a go-getter! Listening to them speak was such an inspiration, not only for me as a business woman working hard on my brand in hopes to leave the 9-5 life behind eventually. But also for all the others, who share similar desires and concerns with taking the necessary steps to achieve their business goals.


I also had the pleasure of listening to speakers Maxine Haber, author of Imperfect 10 and Dr. Monica Bickerstaff, CEO of Natural Beauty & Wellness Essentials. Both of these magnificent women spoke to us about the true meaning of beauty, and how they use their talents to inspire others to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Other speakers included Reyna Kartel, CEO of Kartel Glam and Miss Nevada’s Katie Ladomerszky. These women shared their experiences working in the world of cosmetics and pageants, and how they use the power of outer beauty to showcase the beauty within.



During this event, I got a deeper look into the world networking, and learned how to push myself even harder to make my dreams come true. I was reminded that having positive people in your circle who have a passion as strong as yours, is essential to staying on the right path of reaching your long term goals. This was just the beginning! If you missed this past event, stay tuned for the next Beauty Ball coming this summer! Check out my slideshow below recapping some of the vendors from yesterday. Authors, Fashion, Jewelry, Massage Therapy, Cosmetics, we had it all!

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