11 Female-Empowering Instagram Pages You Should be Following in 2019

January 2, 2019


Happy New Year! It’s a time for new beginnings, making changes and improving our lives in many ways! As women, our new years resolutions often revolve around self-care, and improving our overall health and wellness. Maybe for you that means going back to the salon for biweekly pedicures, removing toxic friends and family members from your lives or finally gaining the courage to love your body.


I came across an article recently, that listed many ways in which women could improve their mental and emotional health. One of the things mentioned, was removing Instagram models and other beauty bloggers from your social media feeds. Some women feel that these public figures push a toxic culture that contributes to the struggles many women have with our self-esteem. As someone who has struggled with my own self-image in the past, I could understand the intention behind the advice. But I still felt as though it painted so many of these beauty bloggers with a broad brush, and tackled the issue in an unhealthy way. It read with the assumption that all beauty bloggers and Instagram models are thin, rich and conventionally attractive. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


These talented, and inspirational women come in all shades, shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds. From cishet MUA’s to trans hair vloggers and BBW models. Check out some of Instagram’s coolest women & pages that you should be following!


Savage Fenty by Rihanna



Amina Mucciolo



Tess Holiday



Slick Woods



The Baldie Revolution



Jazz Jennings



Laverne Cox



Winnie Harlow



Alexa Phelece



Trisha Paytas



Danielle Brooks



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