Book Review: Single Woman Chronicles: An Atlanta Love Story...Kinda by Ashleigh Guice

December 27, 2018


Rating 4/5

Great quick read for the single sisters!

I enjoyed this book, and it brought me back to my teen years when urban romance drama's were all the rage! This book is a short fiction, but reads like a dating guide for young women. It tells the story of Arianna, a cute 28-year-old Atlanta girl who seems to think she's romantically cursed. None of her relationships ever seem to work out, and all the great guys she meets turn out to be fuckboys. We've all been there, right?


One thing that I really liked about this book, is that there were multiple takeaways from the story. The author shed light on all these views while never coming off biased. The traditional route of saving yourself and being the 'good girl' may land some women a husband, but it is not the path for every woman to take. Sex is also never a real determining factor in whether a man will stick around or not. It was nice to see the main character stay true to herself regardless of what she felt worked for others. I'll admit, after the first few pages I was expecting some preachy love letter to the 'pick-me's' of America, LOL. But it was very relatable, and I feel that most young women who read this book can take something from it.


The ending was very abrupt, with certain situations left unsolved and I wasn't sure what the intention was behind it. I'm assuming shock value, which is fine if there's going to be a sequel. Otherwise I would've liked a more concluding ending. Even still, I'd recommend this book to any woman who enjoys a good Atlanta love story...Kinda. *wink wink* 


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