Book Review: Rescue by Juliette Renard

December 21, 2018


Rating: 3/5


This book tells the story of two women, from different walks of life and both struggling with their own demons. They develop an unlikely romance, which had potential to be a very emotionally provoking reading experience. Unfortunately, I did feel like the two women had very little chemistry. The only things the two seemed to have in common were the fact that they were lesbians, and had dark pasts. I did like the main character Virginia, and felt that her character was very similar to the young starlet Hollywood types that we see in the media everyday.

The first sex scene between Sage and Virginia was written well, and the scene following their one night stand fit very well. At times I felt that certain parts of the story felt a bit off-putting and unnecessary. Certain moments had me wondering if I was reading a lesbian romance, or a supernatural thriller. The cover art also doesn't seem to fit well with the story. Without reading the description, I would've never guessed that this was a book about a lesbian romance. The dog was an important part of Sage and Virginia's bonding, which I understood. But not important enough to sell the story to readers who come across the book.

Overall, I thought this book was alright. Seems like a story that would make a decent lifetime network movie to enjoy on a weekend afternoon.


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