Book Review: Death Before Life by Chakesha Shurn

November 28, 2018



Rating 5/5


Death Before Life is a quick read that tells the story of the author Chakesha, and her struggles to find her way through life after the sudden death of her two-year-old daughter. As someone who typically does not read memoirs or faith-based non-fiction, I’m glad I decided to read this book. As a Black woman, I commend my sisters for being able to open up and be so raw about their emotional trials & sharing it with the world. I can’t imagine what I feels like to lose a child. Not only that, but suffering through a miscarriage shorty after. I love that Chakesha seemed to have a wonderful support system of family, including her husband. It reinforces the idea that there will always be someone out there willing to stick with you through it all.


I’m glad that the author was able to find healing through Christ. To move on to grow her family, and continued to be an amazing mom and wife. While my particular views have never been religious-leaning, I read her story with an open mind, and open heart. Her testimony throughout this book is proof that there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel. This book was a reminder that life is precious, and that we should appreciate every waking moment with the ones we love because tomorrow is never promised.

I recommend this book for anyone dealing with loss, or having a crisis of faith. Chakesha’s story is one that you will most definitely find inspiring!


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