Book Review: Eve of Eridu by Alanah Andrews

October 27, 2018


Rating: 5/5


Eve of Eridu tells the story of a post-apocalyptic society, where emotions are forbidden, and everyone has their place. Birth. Delivery. Dedication. Harvest. Pairing. Transfer. The six milestones that keep the society of Eridu functioning. But as we are Introduced to Eve, we soon learn that there is more to this society that anyone was prepared for.


The story opens with Eve, who has just gone through the traumatic event of her brother Luc, being culled. This is what happens when you fail the Harvest, which determines if you are worthy to remain in Eridu. This traumatic event causes her to redline, which in this society where emotions are forbidden, is not good news for Eve. Now on to what I loved about this book: It reminded me of the Divergent series, which is a compliment because anyone who knows me knows that the series is one of my all-time favorites. But while it had it’s similarities, the uniqueness of the story really stood out to me. I found the history behind Eridu and the founders very compelling, and just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about Eridu, the author gave me more that had my jaw on the floor! From beginning to end, this book was well written, and the story was exuded pretty nicely.


I also loved how this story was relatable, and could easily be compared to so many current issues in our modern society. How we view death, the afterlife, religion. How our skills, or lack thereof, determine how we contribute to society every day. Making sacrifices for the greater good. Eve’s relationship with Sam was cute, but not overdone which was just right for flow of the story. By the time I got to the end, when it all finally made sense, I wanted to shed a tear for these characters, even the ones what were minor. (I won’t say what “IT” is because SPOILERS) But you won’t be disappointed, and I highly recommend this book for those who love dystopian sci-fi fiction!


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