Book Review: Still My Mommy by Rachelle Danielle

September 23, 2018


Rating: 5 out of 5


'Still My Mommy' by Rachelle Danielle was definitely a book that stood out to me. A story that follows the life of a young girl named Kaitlyn, whose life is changed forever when she gets heartbreaking news about her mother that changes the course of their relationship forever.  Growing up with a parent that struggles with drug abuse is something that most children of color are all too familiar with.


But this wasn't just a book about a woman's drug addiction, but the story of a girl who had to fight the internal battle of loving her mother no matter what. To be there even though the woman she knew as a young child was gone. There were times in the story where I wanted Kaitlyn to just walk away and never look back. But through it all she never gave up.


The story did have it's flaws. The time jumps would move too fast at times, and certain scenes that needed to be more descriptive, weren't descriptive enough. While other scenes felt more like small fillers than necessary story development. Overall, I enjoyed this story very much, and the heart that went into this book makes up for the flaws.  would recommend this book to anyone with a daughter, or parent that can relate to the struggles of unconditional love. 


Still My Mommy can be found on Amazon!


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