Book Review: Sword of Peace by Louisa M. Bauman

September 5, 2018

Rating: 5 out of 5


‘Sword of Peace’ by Louisa M. Bauman is a historical romance novel that follows the main character Anna, whose faith is tested as she becomes swept up in the chaos of the anabaptists in 1500’s Amsterdam.  The anabaptists were a religious group who rebelled against Charles V and the catholic church. The story of the anabaptists planted the seeds for the modern-day Amish and Mennonites, with this book being a mix of real life events and fiction.  


As someone who does not practice any religious ways, I must say that I enjoyed this book very much! It kept me on the edge, and the story goes at a steady pace as we are immediately introduced to the consequences of being an anabaptist. These characters were forced through public humiliation, execution, being separated from their families and forced to live a life as an outcast if they were lucky enough to not be caught by authorities. Ana’s family was killed in Germany before she moved to Amsterdam, so naturally like any sane person, she wanted nothing to do with the anabaptist. She wanted to live her peaceful life as a good catholic girl. One of things I didn’t care for about Ana, was that she had this obsessive love for her best friends husband. Ana was a lonely woman, who struggled with self-esteem issues that women from any period in time could relate to, even today. Her obsessive love for this man, definitely played a part in how she ended up in her situation. She made irrational choices that only a woman in love would make, in hopes that one day he would return the love for her.


The ending of the book was rather abrupt, and it left me wanting to know more about the fate of these characters. But then I reminded myself that this was a romance, so on that note, it ended perfectly. This book was well written and was just as educational as it was emotional and entertaining.


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