Book Review: Dear Tyler by Antwan J Thompson

July 4, 2018


Dear Tyler is a book of poetry, that was inspired by a past relationship with an ex-boyfriend. It is broken down into 3 parts, LOVE, HURT & FORGIVNESS. Reading each of these poems was an emotional journey, as the author showed us what his ex-lover put him through mentally, physically and emotionally. As someone who has had my own experiences with heartbreak during my younger years, these poems really spoke to me in a special way.


Part 3: FORGIVNESS, was filled with written word that most can relate to. The desperate need to let go and move on, but still fighting the urge of craving the presence of the person who hurt you. No longer hating the person, yet still hating them.  At times it seemed that the poems were all over the place, only to realize that this was nothing but a representation of the authors emotions after enduring such a heartbreak. We are often all over the place, as most would say. Which is why I feel that poetry was the perfect outlet for the author to express himself. 


I hope to see more poetry from Antwan in the future! Pick up a copy of his book Dear Tyler on Amazon today!


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