PROLOGUE { A sneak peak into my thriller novel}

May 2, 2018

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Nita sat in the back of the ambulance, with the brown soft blanket given to her by one of the paramedics draped over her. She looked down at her indigo sandals, still red and wet from stepping in a mix of her own vomit and his blood. Adrian’s blood. She found him in the kitchen, his lifeless body laid out on the floor surrounded by a warm pool of his blood. His throat slit from one end to the other, with a large, chef’s kitchen knife lodged into his chest, right near his heart. When she walked in and found him lying there, she froze. It was as if her mind couldn’t process what she was seeing. Her boyfriend of eight months had been murdered. She slowly walked over to him, her first instinct was to scream, but the vomit, from her being in shock and the overwhelming smell of the blood, came first.


She dropped to her knees and burst into tears. Her screams echoed through the Garcia’s two-story home. After getting herself together for a few moments she was able to dig into her back pocket and grab her cell phone to call 911. She panicked with every passing second, her bloody fingers trembling, as she struggled to press the numbers on the screen.  She didn’t even know what to say, she spent most of the time crying in the dispatcher’s ear. By the time the cops came, Nita couldn’t even walk without the assistance of the officers. They tried asking her a few questions, but it was no use.  She just gave them a dead stare. She had nothing to tell them. She had come over to surprise him. She planned on them spending the evening together watching movies and eating junk food, only to walk in and find him dead.


She stared at the blood on her sandals and the lights from the cop cars flashed all around her. She looked up for a moment and noticed that there was a crowd forming in the street as his body was carried out on a stretcher, covered in white. His blood was so thick, the stains soaked through the sheet, making the sight of him even more horrific. That, combined with all the stares, gasping, whispers, and tears, from neighbors made Nita feel like throwing up again.



She heard her name being called, and looked to her right to notice it was her father Robert. Her parents had stopped their car in the middle of the street, not even bothering to park. Her mother and father pushed their way through some of the people that were standing around. Her mother, Nicky, immediately threw her arms around her daughter, accompanied by Nita’s father.


“Are you alright? Oh my God! My baby I’m so sorry!” Her mother exclaimed.

Before Nita could even respond, over walked Detective Loretta Jackson of the Wicomino County Police Department. Nita could tell by the look on her face, she wasn’t coming over to say anything good. Loretta stood in front of Nita and her parents, sighing deeply before telling them the last thing they wanted to hear. Nita glanced behind Detective Jackson and noticed a uniformed officer walking up to her, with cuffs in his hand.

“Mr. and Mrs. Matua, I’m sorry, but your daughter is going to have to come with us.” Loretta said sternly. “Amanita Matua, you have the right to remain silent…”


Her whole world suddenly went dark as she was being read her rights, and the officer was slapping the cuffs on her wrists. Her father started yelling, demanding that the officer take the cuffs off his daughter and release her immediately. Her mother cried and pleaded along with him.


Sixteen-year-old Amanita Matua, went from being a normal teenage girl to the number one suspect in the murder of her seventeen-year-old boyfriend, Adrian Garcia.

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