How To Push Forward (Reaching your Goal)

November 14, 2017


One thing I've learned during my self-publishing journey is that you can't always "expect" people to support you just because they know you or owe you. You've gotta put in the work yourself.



Expand yourself and communicate within new groups of people who share your goals and/or interests.

There is a world wide web out there of social media platforms beyond Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If your social circle mainly consists of people who have no real interest in whatever it is that you're doing, they just happen to like you, there is a good chance you won't get many results. While any support is good for exposure, you never want it to be based soley on just that


Follow blogs from people who are doing something similar and learn new marketing strategies. 

When I was self-publishing for the first time, I was always reading blogs and articles from other self-published authors to learn about their journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I always take other peoples opinions with a grain of salt, but It's good to see things from another persons perspective, positive or negative.


Take advantage of promotional offers that market to your demographic.

You know the saying, "You gotta spend money to make money." Well it's true. There are plenty of sites where you can pay to have your product and/or business promoted. Take advantage!


Keep an eye out for events in your city!

This is pretty much what I meant when I said expand yourself and your social circles. Recently there was a book festival in my city, that I planned to attend, but unfortunately couldn't because I was sick. But I'm always looking out for any book related events near me, and I will be sure to attend next years festival.


Most importantly, Love what you do, and the good will come.

I believe that writing is a labor of love, and if I make money while doing it, that's a bonus. Now we all know that money is important, but it can't be what drives you to do what you're doing. Otherwise it just comes off as you trying to make a quick buck. Quick buck = quick fail. Just do what you love, and have faith in yourself. It'll be worth it.


Sincerely, a girl with a pen and a dream. 



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