My Colorblind Rainbow: Character Synopsis

October 11, 2017

With the upcoming debut of my first young adult novel, My Colorblind Rainbow, I wanted to give my readers a look into some of the main and supporting characters.



Darlene Jones is a fifteen-year-old African-American teenage girl living in Durham, North Carolina in 1940. She has an ordinary life, but things quickly become complicated as her sexual identity comes into question when she meets a White girl, nineteen-year-old Rose who isn't like any girl she's ever met before. My Colorblind Rainbow explores adolescent love and nonconformity, as these girls struggle with racial tension in the south. Their bond not only threatens their own lives, but friendships, and the relationships with their families as well.




With this book, I wanted to develop characters that many people could find relatable. I feel that having characters that a reader can engage with and empathize is important. Below, I have given a quick rundown of main and supporting characters in My Colorblind Rainbow.



Darlene Jones

Fifteen year old Darlene is not too different from your typical teenage girl. She's kind, has a simple life, loves her family and best friend. She's unsure of herself and who she wants to be, but is very curious about what life has to offer outside her ordinary, religious upbringing.



Rose Caldwell

Nineteen year old Rose is rebel. A young white woman who has always been the complete opposite of what her family and a 1940's American society would want her to be. Even with her privileged upbringing, she tries her best to stay true to who she really is, which seems to be the hardest part about existing. 



Joseph Jones

The hardworking single father of two kids, Joe is just a black man who wants to get by and maintain a good honest life for his family. Although he can be hard on his children, he only wants the best for them.



Grandma Anne Jones

She's your average sweet, southern grandmother. She loves God, going to church and helping her son take care of the family. She's also Darlene's confidant, and the spiritual glue that holds the Jones family together.



Darren Jones

He's the older brother of Darlene, who can often be a pain in her behind, but only wants the best for his little sister. Darren is a young black boy who admires his father, and hopes to one day be able to make his father proud.



Barbara Caldwell

The mother of Rose Caldwell, she's a snob of a woman, who enjoys the perks of being the housewife of a rich, successful white man. She loves her daughter, but can't seem to come to terms with her being "different", which puts a strain on their mother-daughter relationship.



Albert Caldwell

The father of Rose, he's a successful businessman apart of the rich elite in North Carolina. While his relationship with his wife and daughter seems okay, he's a man who doesn't seem to put too much effort in wanting to connect with his family.



Janet Benson

she's the spunky best friend of Darlene. The outspoken "pretty but not popular" girl who sticks by her friends side no matter what. 



Walter Smith

A good friend of Darlene and Janet, who has the features to be confidant and admired by all the girls but lacks the personality to do so. 



Christopher Rosenberg

The quiet, shy but quirky Jewish boy who runs the local market with his mother Muriel. He keeps to himself, but Christopher notices everything and everyone, and there is more to him than people realize.



Well there you have it, a quick look (without giving spoilers) into some of the characters in My Colorblind Rainbow.  I really hope you guys decide to check it out, and enjoy it if you do! 

Release date December 2017 so stay tuned! and follow Chanel Hardy Publications on Facebook and @chanelhardypub on Instagram, and Twitter! 




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