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In The Spotlight Today: Kristin Giese!

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 44 and originally from Ohio. But, I’ve cycled through Chicago and NY and now live in Los Angeles. I’m a nomadic soul who swapped coasts for projects. Truth be told, I just might have another few moves in me.

Tell us more about your book! 

Unverified is a modern day rom com set in the digital age. Matt and Margo are two, 20-something strangers stuck living at home until they cross paths at a real estate listing in one of LA’s toniest neighborhoods.  Together, they cook up a little white lie that turns their lives upside down in a BIG way. 

You’re sharing an elevator with a big name publisher. Pitch your book using 20 words or less!

Unverified is about two strangers who tell one crazy lie that takes them on the ride of their lives.

What does your ideal writing space look like?

I went to school to be a speech writer and now work as a talent manager and producer, all are careers that teach you to write fast and on demand. As a result, I can write just about anywhere. But, love my desk with some sunshine streaming in and classical music on Spotify, the most. I wrote Unverified in between conference calls and pre pro meetings in my work office. 

If your book was turned into a movie, who would play your main characters? 

I’ve always hated when writers describe their characters in a manner that narrows the likelihood of the reader seeing herself or himself in them. “She was tall and lithe with ivory skin and the fragility of a bird.” Insert major eye roll from this size 14, curvy, boss babe. It just takes me out of the story. So, I wrote the entire book describing who they are, not what they look like. I wanted every woman to see herself in the Margo. I do cartwheels each time a reader tells me, "I'm so Margo," or "Chelsea is me in a nutshell." In fact, I recently heard from women in Turkey, India, and Mexico, each declaring, "I'm Margo." I'm still glowing from it. To be honest, I can't wait to see who they become.

You’re stranded on an island, and only one character from any book can save you. Who are you picking?

I’d like to toss out the name of a strapping man to surf to my rescue, but because I can’t think of one and because I'd like to think we can now rescue ourselves, I’ll go with Sam from Lord of the Rings or Rita from Unverified. They're steadfast and would walk to the ends of the earth for their best friends. That loyalty has to be worth something when the chips are down.

Besides being a writer, what else do you enjoy?

I’m a born shopper who loves a good road trip in search of antiques, vintage, estate jewelry, and truck stop snacks.

Do you have any upcoming book promotions?

We’re doing some fun things for the holidays with Unverified. Keep your eyes peeled.

Post your social media usernames!

@allmoxie on instagram and @authorkristingiese on facebook. Prepare to laugh daily at my stories and the things that happen to me out in the world.

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