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Celebrating Black Women Who Write: The Black Girl Poetry Scrapbook

When I started writing poetry, there was something about it that stuck to me more than writing novels. I got to tell stories, but mostly my stories. And I could tell them in a way that felt more unapologetic and open. There are so many poets I admire from all kinds of different backgrounds, but Black poets write like no other. Black women, in particular, have a way with words that is unique, captivating, and intimate. Being a Black woman comes with a side order of colorism, sexism, misogyny, and racism that all intersect and the experience is often filled with gaslighting and anger. We get the stereotype of being angry, aggressive, and combative. But when you’ve lived as we’ve lived, you get overcome with emotions of being left out and misunderstood. I’m not ashamed of the anger, and none of us should be. We have a million and one reasons to be angry. But we have a million more reasons to be happy, grateful, and at peace.

That’s why I love poetry, and that’s why I created this anthology for us. We embrace all the feelings that come with being a Black woman and we’ve channeled those feelings into art. From COFFEE WINE & WORDS Magazine comes an artistic and creative collection of verse poems and prose about love, motherhood, politics, and what it means to be US. Featuring poems from 26 women, this anthology in the style of a scrapbook showcases the style, talent, and charisma of Black women who write. I hope you enjoy this collection of beautiful poetry and take what you need from every piece.



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