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9 Favorites of 2019: A Bookish Year in Review!

As 2019 comes to an end, here are my top 9 favorite books from this year! I enjoyed another year of great stories, by both indie and traditionally published writers. If there's a book on my list that you haven't read, check them out online! You won't regret it!

Giovanni’s Room is a short novel that tells the story of a young man named David, an American who leaves the States for Paris and forms an intimate relationship with an Italian man named Giovanni. This book is less about a tragic gay love story, and more about a man who struggles to love other people. His father, his estranged fiancée, even himself. The main character David is someone who keeps his feelings hidden behind a stone wall, which plays a part in how those around him parish mentally, emotionally and physically.

This story follows the lives of four men living in Baltimore. Lionel, who is the main narrator, along with his close friends Peep, Corey and JoJo. The first few chapters detail the lives of these men, taking us through their childhoods and showing us the raw, and devastating events that shaped them into the men they have become.

This book is an interracial romance that tells the story of Norah, a young woman holding on to the tragic event of losing her father at the age of eight. She grows up to become a police officer and falls in love with her partner, Spencer. This book made me cry, and the love story between Norah and Spencer is one that I will remember forever.

This book is an edgy, modern take on Greek mythology and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This book tells the story of Tranquila, a troubled girl who gets a job in the underworld, looking after a 3-headed dog. She develops a relationship with Hades, who becomes somewhat of a father figure/mentor for her. My favorite thing about this story is the humor! Meagan had me laughing through most of this book, and her NY girl attitude shines brightly through her work!

This book tells the real life story of Michelle, a young girl born in Jamaica who emigrated to the states as a child. Being the darkest child of all her siblings, she suffered from internal issues that affected her emotionally from the start. Adding that on to the neglect she already felt from her mother, I could tell that this little girl had a life of hardships ahead. But nothing in comparison to what I was in store for while reading this book. While heartbreaking, I’m glad that people like Michelle are putting their stories out there. Especially those that deal with being a fostered youth.

This is an erotic story that tells the tale of Dagger and Princess Milena. As a war is on the rise, Dagger, a werewolf is tasked with transporting the Princess to her grandparents’ home safely. Dagger has been in love with Milena since they were children, and little does he know, she has been in love with him too. If you enjoy erotica, fantasy, and Black representation, I recommend checking out this book!

I'm not someone who is an avid poetry reader, but this soul-touching collection of poems really spoke to me, and that's not something I can often say about poetry. A few that stood out were Summer Love, Silent and Old Poetry. Tiffany continues to be a great storyteller, even through a few lines of poetry.

This book touches on so many important topics within such a short amount of reading time. From how to spot the different types of fuckboys, to interracial dating, feminism and lesbian dating. As the title says, this book in particular talks about the dating life of women of color, and how things are different for us. From the hurdles we face, to how past trauma effects our future relationships. The author featured testimony's from Women of color and some men, which was very interesting to read. I found myself relating to some of these women's opinions and experiences.

Whispers of Nowhere tells the story of Gwen, a girl who accidentally opens a portal to a supernatural prison, ‘Nowhere’ when her father brings home mysterious artifacts from his job at the museum. Suddenly, a mysterious man named Forneus appears to warn her that she is in danger. Not long after, we are introduced to Phenex, a human personification of a phoenix. Shannon is a great writer, and I admire the work that was put into this book. If you’re into fantasy quests, check out Whispers of Nowhere!



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