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15 Children's Books to Ease 'Virtual Learning' Stress!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges, whether it be financial or personal. One of the biggest has been navigating the new normal with education. Teachers are struggling to adapt to new demands and so are parents. But your child's education doesn't stop when that zoom meeting ends. Small children, in particular, are going through important developmental stages, and it's essential that they don't fall behind at a time when learning to read, write, and do basic arithmetic can affect how they advance in education. So when the virtual class ends, keep your babies on their toes with these children's books by indie authors & more!

Brown Girl by Daphnie Glenn

Meet Makenzie Wilson! A fun-loving brown girl with a beautiful spirit of boldness! Contrary to the wonderful things others say of her, Makenzie does not always love the way that she looks. She feels that her nose and hair are too big, not to mention her height! In this book, Makenzie is challenged to understand the importance of self-love with the help of her father and a few notable role models who also felt the same way once upon a time! This book of encouragement is dedicated to all girls, especially ones struggling with low self-esteem and body image. Brown Girl, you are everything and MORE.

Brown Boy by Daphnie Glenn

Malik Wilson, a brilliant brown boy, is starting the 3rd grade in a new school! Before he heads off to school, his mother gives him truths about being a brown boy in today’s society. Cities and neighborhoods where little brown boys and girls reside have unfortunately been the home to violence and senseless tragedies. From the Mike Browns, Trayvon Martins, and Tamir Rices, this book allows readers, (specifically brown boys, girls, and families) the ability to:

- Create a conversation about what it means to be brown - Comprehend past and present tragedies - Understand their representation in society - Create a barrier of love and protection for all children This book is dedicated to the young brown boys who we have lost over the years to senseless tragedies. May they forever be in our hearts as we push forward to help younger generations have pride in the skin they are in.

Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments by Steve Spangler

Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments gives curious young readers dozens of colorful, exciting projects designed to teach them about the basics of science, physics, chemistry and engineering. They’ll learn about critical thinking, how to conduct an experiment, and how to measure results, all while enjoying themselves in a screen-free setting.

Each experiment uses easy-to-find materials, most of which readers probably already have in their home. Set up and clean up is easy, and most experiments can be done in ten minutes or less! Sidebars for each experiment feature additional insights, facts and commentary. It's the perfect resource for turning curious kids into budding young scientists!

Alphabet Buddies: Explore From A to Z by Kimberly Chester

Meet K! On each page she takes readers on a magical adventure through the alphabet as well as learn how to spell and use new exciting words.

Summertime With My Best Friend by Ms. Danielle R. White

There are just some things and people that enter into a child's life that will resonate with them for years to come. A Grandmothers Love is certainly one of those things and is also one of a kind. In this book, the Author shares a fun-loving, charismatic depiction of a close bond between a young child and her Grandmother over the summer break. One thing I’ve learned is a Grandmother’s love is one of a kind and the moments spent together will last a lifetime.

Patricia's Guardian Angel by Patrice N. Rivers

"Introduction Sickle Cell Disease not only affects African Americans, but it affects other parts of the country such as the Caribbean, Greece, Puerto Rico, India, Egypt and Canada. It’s funny that a lot of people classify Sickle Cell Disease as a “Black-only” disease. Yes, it’s true that mostly African-Americans are affected by it, but it’s deeper than one race. I wrote this children’s book which will be a part of a series called “Sickle Cell Kids” because I too am living with Sickle Cell Disease. Patricia’s Guardian Angel comes from a lot of real-life events that I been through as a child and my guardian angel, Catherine the Cat is actually my grandmother Catherine Britton who is now deceased." -The Author

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks (Detective Mya Dove) by Zuni Blue

When Mya Dove found mysteries to solve, they were too easy. Seeking a real challenge, she joined the top-secret Children's Police Force. They offered her exciting cases with five-day deadlines. Mya couldn’t wait to start!

Her first investigation is into Libby Smith, the new girl at school. Libby won’t speak, smile or play with anyone. That’s why the Children's Police Force thinks she’s mean. But they can't tell anyone that. Not without real proof.

Finding proof is Mya’s job, but it won’t be easy. Libby isn’t just mean. She’s sneaky, too. When Mya questions her, Libby fake cries for sympathy. It works, so now she has a teacher on her side. Who will Libby trick next? Mya won’t wait to find out. She must prove Libby is mean and warn everyone. Can she stop Libby before it’s too late? Or will this mean girl take over the school?

A Second, a Minute, a Week with Days in It: A Book about Time by Brian Cleary

The zany CATegorical cats introduce the measurement of time, from seconds, minutes, and hours up to decades. Brian P. Cleary and Brian Gable bring their winning teamwork to this playful, fun look at learning about time.

The Action of Subtraction by Brian cleary

The author and illustrator of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical® series brings their trademark sense of humor to the subject of subtraction. Rhyming text filled with funny, countable examples shows what it means to take one number away from another. Readers are also introduced to the terminology they'll encounter as they learn to subtract.

Doc Like Daddy by Crystal Bowe

A beautiful story that inspires children to be all they can be!

Doc Like Mommy by Crystal Bowe

A beautiful story that teaches you that you can be anything you want to be.

Charles Meets a Fire Marshal by Miko Marsh

Charles and his classmates meet a fire marshal and learn some tips for fire safety.

This book can be used to reinforce lessons from fire safety themes and presentations, encourage children to participate in fire drills, and show children another community service career opportunity.